July 24, 2010

White V Necks, Overalls, and Keds

I took these shots under an overpass last night near my favorite restaurant in the wide world.  The rustic background looked really cool.  What is even better is that on one side of the street is the ghetto, and the other side is overpriced bungalows close to LSU.

Mid skip, or doing the Heisman, or maybe I'm a spaz.  I also felt like a dumbo because two guys were outside the bar enjoying their happy hour drinks.  Needless to say, I got some weird looks!

I made these clip-ons after seeing Scrabble piece rings in a store around town.  Our Scrabble game was already worthless because of all of the missing pieces, so I just added to it's worthlessness. Or did I? 

My mommy got me this ring off of ebay.  She used to have dreams that she was Mighty Mouse and would stand on the end of the cow trough and pretend to fly.

A few months ago I randomly decided to start wearing overalls again.  A month later, as I was browsing gap.com, I saw that they had put up a pair of overalls and a jumper!  Boy was I livid!  But I had already been searching for a pair of overalls at Goodwill that were non Tweetie Bird, non Winnie the Pooh, and non Nascar.  Finally I found a pair that were from Limited Too (I had the exact pair in the exact size)!  All I had to do to them was cut them off and cuff them to the right length.

overalls: Goodwill, tshirt: Gap, shoes: Keds, earrings: me, ring: ebay


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  1. I love your overalls, you look fantastic in them!

    I am a fan of vintage clothing myself, particularly of bib overalls, and I wear them almost every day if possible.