July 10, 2010

White Squall

Today I belonged on a sailboat.  Why did I dress like this today?  I watched White Squall last night so it was still in my head when I got dressed this morning.  If you have never seen the movie, do it asap. Netflix, Blockbuster, dvr, what ever you have to do!

My photos are few today as I was in a strange mood this morning and was in a hurry to leave for a workshop.  My apologies.

Outfit breakdown...
oxford- Van Heusen boy's uniform (via Goodwill)
shorts- Gap
belt- Gap
shoes-  Bass
necklace and twisty ring- Goodwill
nails- You Don't Know Jacques in matte

Lastly, again I will ask, why do people get rid of good stuff like my necklace and ring? I do not understand.


See the fool in the white shirt with the evil grin? That's my Dad. See the other fool in the white shirt looking like she just got pelted by a snowball? That's my Mom.