July 6, 2010

Love Like Fire

Mom snagged this peace ring from ebay for my birthday 2 weeks ago! It will definitely be one of my most-worn pieces of jewelry so I apologize if you seen it too much.
All of my jewelry is thrifted except for the little bracelet on the far left-- that was my mom's when she was in high school.

I am sooooo sorry for not posting for over a week! I was with my family in Mexico at my oldest niece's secondary school graduation. For the ceremony/banquet I wore a white linen maxi and let me tell you, that was possibly the worst outfit. Think about it: Mexico, red dirt, rain all day, etc. Alas, I survived and got out clean!
I am extremely proud to say that today's outfit is almost 100% thrifted! Besides by t-shirt, shoes, and peace ring, that is. I wore it to my bro-in-law's graduation from the police academy. Comfort and cute-a-bility needed.
black T: Express
skirt: Forever 21 via Goodwill
necklace, bracelet #1 and 2, buckle ring: Goodwill
peace ring: ebay
black pumps: Liz Claiborne
ps: how would you guys like a men's feature or a kid's feature?
pps: my Mighty Mouse ring came in today. one hundred percent AWESOME


  1. can't wait to see what you do with Mighty Mouse............Mighty Mouse is on the way!

  2. how in the world do you find such great length skirts that were made for Forever 21. Everything I find is mini. I am not a huge fan for mini - it's too cold where I am, even if I wore tights.

    Just Better Together