July 20, 2010

Day 7: The Not-So-Grand Finale

Today was the last, last, last day of my 1 Dress, 7 Days, 7 Ways challenge!!!

I must admit that the thing I am looking most forward to is wearing my white v-necks.  And pants or shorts.  But mostly the v-necks.

dress- same
shoes- same
earrings and belt- MawMaw

Today's outfit was inspired by complete desperation.  I ran out of ideas and couldn't remember my original last day plan, so red it was!  Now that the challenge is finished, hopefully the clothing shlump will end!



  1. Wow, I had to backtrack to see all the different styles, as I just came across your blog, way to go!

    my favourite is the cleopatra necklace with the dress, it really suits you!


  2. This is super cool...I am about to engage in a 40 day challenge...I will keep you posted:)