July 19, 2010

Day 6: 1 Dress, 7 Days, 7 Ways

I am almost done with the 1 Dress, 7 Days, 7 Ways challenge!  At this point, all I want to wear is jeans and a white v-neck.  Later on this week I will do a reflection/side effects of doing this challenge.

Saturday I went to Time Warp and found this lace duster.  I always find something when I go to the store but this visit was about looking in the men's section so I wasn't looking for myself.  Even though I was not looking for me, I still skimmed the racks to see if the store had added anything new since my last visit.  This INCREDIBLE duster stood out to me.  It was one of those "if my mom was here she would make me get this" kind of things. So, without trying it on, it wound up coming home with me and fitting perfectly! 

dress- same
duster- Time Warp Vintage
gold bracelet, earrings, beaded ring- Goodwill
stink bug bracelet- market in Piedras Negras
belt- Trash and Treasure sale in Baton Rouge

I have no idea what I will do tomorrow for my last day of the challenge.  All I know is that my poor dress will be sent to the cleaners immediately and I am unsure if I will ever wear it again. Oh well.



  1. Ah........but would you really so carelessly discard an old friend!