July 15, 2010

1 Dress, 7 Days, 7 Ways

Last night I went to the Michael Buble concert in New Orleans and this is what I wore...

Yesterday I began a self-challenge I call "1 Dress, 7 Days, 7 Ways" which entails me wearing the same dress for a week but making it completely different each day.  I was inspired by Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge but knew that I was not ready for something that in tents (like Indians, get it?). 

As I was lying awake one night unable to settle down into a deep slumber, suddenly it came to me... this dress that I snagged at Goodwill a week before that I had yet to try on. So I tried it on. And it fit perfectly. Then I started to think how I could make it better-than-just-a-black-maxi. Next I thought about Kendi and how I could do something somewhat like that. Now here I am, wearing the same thing I wore yesterday but it doesn't look the same!

I did not look at the label of this dress until I tried it on... it's a Cynthia Rowley. Found at Goodwill. For $6.

So wait around for later on today (or maybe tomorrow)
for today's outfit!

Outfit breakdown:
dress- Cynthia Rowley via Goodwill
scarf- Target
brooch- Mommed
ring- Goodwill (same as previous post)
peace bracelet- Bayou Booksellers
sandals- Dillard's
earrings- Goodwill
shades- Michael Kors via Stein Mart


ps: if you have never been to a Buble concert, I HIGHLY recommend him! Last night was my 4th show and it is different every single time! He's not just a singer, he's an entertainer.

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