June 23, 2010

my birthday = pure awesomeness

Please excuse my Goodwill finds that I have yet to get a chance to get to.
This INCREDIBLE Alfred Angelo gown was given to me for my birthday by one of my best friend's mom. The woman has officially been Sainted in my book!
A few months ago she sent me pictures from her phone of things she was going through in her attic and thought she would torture me with them... such a devil! She is, however, very giving and after my fawning over it for months (secretly, well sometimes), it was in a gift bag when she stopped by today! I cannot explain how excited I was when I saw the lace collar in the dark bag... oh. my. goodness.
Anywho, the next step will be to try it on and figure out what I'm going to do with it. It may be sacrilege to cut it up and make it wearable for me, but my philosophy is that clothes are made to me worn, not put in a closet to rot. I pay my respects to Mr. Angelo, but a train is just not okay when I have to walk around campus all day (yeesh).

I will keep you updated on the goings-on of this dress. In the meantime, I will be staying up all night bursting with ideas!


ps: There is an Alfred Angelo bridal boutique in Baton Rouge and I felt a bit spooky about the dress just happening to be sitting in my friend's attic. Is it?


  1. Yes, pure birthday awesomeness!! Love all your blog posts and pics!! You are so interesting and talented!! Looking forward to future posts with all your new ideas!! Love ya, Amie

  2. You are blessed! Can't wait to see the transformation!

  3. Oh you told me about it but I had NO idea. It's such a classy piece. I'd hate to loose those cuffs either but I can't wait to see how you work those sleeves out. Oh how I love 30's and 40's era fashions! They knew how to wrap a present! Today it's just all out on display, sigh... Good luck on the dress and have fun!