June 22, 2010

It takes two floors to make a story

This is what I was going to wear to my brother's baseball game tonight... until it got rained out :(
From the top down:
necklace-- Goodwill
striped tank-- Gap
belt-- Goodwill
shorts-- Goodwill
gold bracelets and ring-- Goodwill
leather cuff-- my favorite market store in Piedras Negras, Mexico
shoes-- Nine West (via DSW)
These shorts are a mix between ugly and baggy, and comfy and cute. They remind me of the denim diapers they have out now! The shorts make my butt look like it's a mile long but they also look like paper bag pants, so I like them.
PS: tomorrow I will officially be able to get a sideways driver's license and go to casino concerts... woo hoo!

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