June 13, 2010

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

This is my first for real, for real post for my blog! I am excited to get this jumpstarted and show you guys what I love!
Last week my mom and I stopped by Marshall's "just to check and see if we can find anything". That's what we always say when we just want to go dig through clothes and find things for cheap, which is where I got the skirt I'm wearing today. I LOVE floor length skirts and the fact that it's khaki, linen, and soft had me sold instantly! And don't fret, it's quiet when I walk so I don't sound like a wind tunnel. Bonus!
I am a huge advocate for vests. Sweater vests (socially appropriate one, not ones with ponpoms or Easter bunnies), leather vests, biker vests, etc. I snagged this one at Levi's on sale about 3 years ago. My t-shirt is from a bcbgeneration sale at Dillard's when they introduced the line.
My 3 bracelets and necklace are from Goodwill, my AOII ring is from an alumnae member that I know, and my crown ring is the first piece of jewelry my grandfather ever gave my mom.

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