June 24, 2010

Are green and brown God's favorite colors?

That question has been on my list of "Questions to ask God when I get to heaven..." Today I wore all brown. As I looked through all of the blogs I've done, though only a few, most of them were 100% neutral. I may have the problem of being a bit vanilla in tone at times. I do try to make the neutrals interesting. Maybe since the full on neutral thing is so in now I can finally shine... but that only makes me want to wear color to be different and ahead of the game. Fashion is the only thing I am even semi-competitive about. Whatever, I like the multitude of white t-shirts I have in my dresser and no, I will not apologize for it!
Today's dress was purchased at Time Warp Vintage Boutique in Baton Rouge. It is currently the only vintage shop around here, sigh. The shop always has new, fun things and entertaining just to go look! They do have a Facebook page http://http://www.facebook.com/#!/honeymoonbungalowtimewarp?ref=ts <<---- there and it has pictures of the types of things they sell.
My rings have already been posted before but in case you forgot, the AOII ring was a gift and the crown ring is my Mom's. The gold cuff was such a find at one of the Goodwill's nearby. It was one of those things I walked out screaming (internally) "Why would anyone ever get rid of this? Who is that stupid? Goodness!" Does anyone else have these types of thoughts? Lastly, the belt is an old old old Gap one from about 4th grade and the shoes are Nine West (circa 2007).
ps: if you are at all imagining what is on my "List", you may inquire, as there are too many thoughts to list.

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  1. Keep doing what you are doing! Great examples!