June 27, 2010

Where Juliet Meets Shirley Jones

This morning I needed something comfortable, breathable, and appropriate for an 11am baseball game in the bald open sun. Attempting to look somewhat cute while feeling the tickle of sweat run down your back can be summed up in one worn: tricky.
Rule 1: hair must be off of neck. (I hate wearing my hair in a ponytail, so, in turn, I hate this personal rule)
Rule 2: must wear sleeveless so farmer's tan does not ensue.
Rule 3: feet must be able to breathe
When I was trying to decide where to take pictures I thought BANANAS and then kept pronouncing it like Rachel Zoe: ba. na. nas.
Blouse: Goodwill (added the leather string instead of it having stringed netting)
Shorts: Old Navy circa 2003... yep.
Purse: Goodwill
Beaded ring: Goodwill
Bracelet: MawMawed (she crocheted it herself. All of those little bitty loops. If you can't see the picture well enough, my favorite button is shown-- it's the classic Winnie the Pooh!)
PS: I was informed this morning by two of my favorite 14-year olds that they found a look that I would not be able to pull off: emo or goth. Oh how they know so little...

June 24, 2010

Are green and brown God's favorite colors?

That question has been on my list of "Questions to ask God when I get to heaven..." Today I wore all brown. As I looked through all of the blogs I've done, though only a few, most of them were 100% neutral. I may have the problem of being a bit vanilla in tone at times. I do try to make the neutrals interesting. Maybe since the full on neutral thing is so in now I can finally shine... but that only makes me want to wear color to be different and ahead of the game. Fashion is the only thing I am even semi-competitive about. Whatever, I like the multitude of white t-shirts I have in my dresser and no, I will not apologize for it!
Today's dress was purchased at Time Warp Vintage Boutique in Baton Rouge. It is currently the only vintage shop around here, sigh. The shop always has new, fun things and entertaining just to go look! They do have a Facebook page http://http://www.facebook.com/#!/honeymoonbungalowtimewarp?ref=ts <<---- there and it has pictures of the types of things they sell.
My rings have already been posted before but in case you forgot, the AOII ring was a gift and the crown ring is my Mom's. The gold cuff was such a find at one of the Goodwill's nearby. It was one of those things I walked out screaming (internally) "Why would anyone ever get rid of this? Who is that stupid? Goodness!" Does anyone else have these types of thoughts? Lastly, the belt is an old old old Gap one from about 4th grade and the shoes are Nine West (circa 2007).
ps: if you are at all imagining what is on my "List", you may inquire, as there are too many thoughts to list.

June 23, 2010

my birthday = pure awesomeness

Please excuse my Goodwill finds that I have yet to get a chance to get to.
This INCREDIBLE Alfred Angelo gown was given to me for my birthday by one of my best friend's mom. The woman has officially been Sainted in my book!
A few months ago she sent me pictures from her phone of things she was going through in her attic and thought she would torture me with them... such a devil! She is, however, very giving and after my fawning over it for months (secretly, well sometimes), it was in a gift bag when she stopped by today! I cannot explain how excited I was when I saw the lace collar in the dark bag... oh. my. goodness.
Anywho, the next step will be to try it on and figure out what I'm going to do with it. It may be sacrilege to cut it up and make it wearable for me, but my philosophy is that clothes are made to me worn, not put in a closet to rot. I pay my respects to Mr. Angelo, but a train is just not okay when I have to walk around campus all day (yeesh).

I will keep you updated on the goings-on of this dress. In the meantime, I will be staying up all night bursting with ideas!


ps: There is an Alfred Angelo bridal boutique in Baton Rouge and I felt a bit spooky about the dress just happening to be sitting in my friend's attic. Is it?

June 22, 2010

It takes two floors to make a story

This is what I was going to wear to my brother's baseball game tonight... until it got rained out :(
From the top down:
necklace-- Goodwill
striped tank-- Gap
belt-- Goodwill
shorts-- Goodwill
gold bracelets and ring-- Goodwill
leather cuff-- my favorite market store in Piedras Negras, Mexico
shoes-- Nine West (via DSW)
These shorts are a mix between ugly and baggy, and comfy and cute. They remind me of the denim diapers they have out now! The shorts make my butt look like it's a mile long but they also look like paper bag pants, so I like them.
PS: tomorrow I will officially be able to get a sideways driver's license and go to casino concerts... woo hoo!

June 18, 2010

Like a kid again...

^^^ That is what my face looks like 79.3% of the time.
This dress made me feel like such a kid even before I put it on! I got this dress at Goodwill a couple of months ago and this is the first time I've worn it. It's from the kids section and I think it's a size 14... yep.
The shoes... ohhhhh the shoes!
Snagged at bcbg outlet 2 years ago for $10. These clear gladiator jellies go with everything during the summer. They're my white Keds substitute when my toes need to breathe. Plus they wash off easy when I get in the mud/dirt/grass/bugs/sand/et cetera.

June 15, 2010

On a hunt...

For months now, I have been on a hunt for a pair of caramel-colored leather(ish) heeled sandals. I have been able to find TONS of what I am looking for in the form of a wedge. However, walking in wedges is not a talent I possess nor does the style look good with most of my clothes. Or my petite bod. They also don't need to be clunky, as that is the usual problem with the wedges. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a pair that isn't expensive? (like -$50)
I will still be on the lookout but if anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it!
ps: I Girl Scout promise that I will post some outfit pics soon. I am such a slacker and have been in gym shorts and swimsuits lately... ahhhh summer

June 13, 2010

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

This is my first for real, for real post for my blog! I am excited to get this jumpstarted and show you guys what I love!
Last week my mom and I stopped by Marshall's "just to check and see if we can find anything". That's what we always say when we just want to go dig through clothes and find things for cheap, which is where I got the skirt I'm wearing today. I LOVE floor length skirts and the fact that it's khaki, linen, and soft had me sold instantly! And don't fret, it's quiet when I walk so I don't sound like a wind tunnel. Bonus!
I am a huge advocate for vests. Sweater vests (socially appropriate one, not ones with ponpoms or Easter bunnies), leather vests, biker vests, etc. I snagged this one at Levi's on sale about 3 years ago. My t-shirt is from a bcbgeneration sale at Dillard's when they introduced the line.
My 3 bracelets and necklace are from Goodwill, my AOII ring is from an alumnae member that I know, and my crown ring is the first piece of jewelry my grandfather ever gave my mom.

June 5, 2010


Hola world! I'm Sarah and I am the creator of this blog. I made this because I like clothes and I like to style things in a creative way. What I have noticed is that most bloggers live in semi-extraordinary places. I live on a farm outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In other words, not a super-de-duper extraordinary place. That is, unless you like fresh veggies and fruit on a daily basis and having your own worm farm outside your front door, which I do. Because I live in a place that does not exactly yelp "FASHION", it is guaranteed that when walk into the grocery store in a cute outfit, stares will ensue. I love vintage clothes and am usually a walking advertisement for Gap or Goodwill on a daily basis. My mission for this blog is to mesh the old and new in my own way and I hope you like what I do! -Sarah