May 1, 2016


Shades- c/o Firmoo

Sunglasses are my weakness. At Target, I have to physically avoid that area or I will come home with a handful. So, when Firmoo contacted me about doing a review again, I jumped at the chance! I have a pair of shades that I found in my mom's stuff a few years ago. They had belonged to an old beau of hers in the early 80s. They were the perfect aviators! Slight reflector lenses, silver metal frames, and square cut. The traditional round aviators look strange on me, so I always prefer square-cut glasses. You would not imagine how difficult that is to find! While perusing Firmoo's site, I ended up searching through the men's section first by mistake. I did not even make it to the women's section before these were in my shopping cart! It was easy-- these resembled the old beau's pair, but did not need repairs and were not crooked from being in my purse for too long. 

This is my second pair of Firmoo sunglasses to review, and I love each pair that I have tried. Their color selection is spot on, and it helps that they have such a wide variety of styles to fit any face shape. 

January 25, 2016

Louisiana White Bear

coat- vintage [similar] [similar
sweater- Banana Republic [similar] [similar] [similar] [similar]
denim- Levi's [similar
boots- Dolce Vita [similar] [similar
necklace- St. Claude NOLA
key ring- JoJo Rings
crown ring- heir loomed vintage
LA ring- unknown